Focus on what matters, your prayers

PrayerCal is a free, versatile micro-app that uses your location (privately) and adds accurate prayer times to your calendar, so that you can organise your day around what's most important; your prayers

Compatible with all major calendar apps:

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No more having to squeeze your ibadah between awkwardly timed meetings. We aim to make prayers an inclusive right in every workplace.

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"Say goodbye to the days where you forget about your Salah. This is where PrayerCal can really help"

Iqbal Nasim MBE

Educator, Speaker, Writer

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Frequently asked questions

  • We currently use the calcualtion method, which is managed by Moonsighting Committee Worldwide (MCW). You can find their calculation method here. We are hoping to add more options for calculation methods soon, inshaAllah!

  • Yes. You can subscribe to multiple calendars with different locations and their respective prayer times. Note that PrayerCal creates prayer times for the location when you first set it up, so if you travel, your prayer times will not be accurate to your current location. You can of course add as many locations as you like.

  • No! PrayerCal is a WebCal subscription, which means that it will poll our servers and get the latest times for you automatically. Currently we show 3 months of prayers at a time. Most calendar apps request updates a few times a day, so you needn't worry about missing a prayer again inshaAllah.

  • Yes, PrayerCal is free to use forever inshaAllah, and all prayer times are automatically updated based on your selected location. We ask that you remember the makers and supporters of PrayerCal in your prayers, and share it with friends and family so that they (and you, as Sadaqah Jaariyah (long-term charity)) can benefit.

  • Absolutely. With our privacy guarantee, your data will always be private and your location will remain anonymous. We promise to never share your details with any third parties without prior consent. You can read more about what data we capture and store, and how we anonymise your data in our privacy policy here.

  • PrayerCal uses your precise location (privately) to work out accurate prayer times then adds them to your calendar. This enables you to schedule your working day around your prayers.

  • With nothing to pay nor download, you can add prayer times onto any mainstream calendar within minutes. Create your Calendar here and fill out your prayer preferences.